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The future of leak detection is here

At Ferret Technology we design, make and support tools for finding water leaks accurately. 

Finds leaks faster and
with greater accuracy


The Ferret Leak Locator's unique leak detecting features will enable you to find and fix water leaks more efficiently resulting in significant resource-savings and making you more competitive, with happier customers too!

The Ferret leak detection system is the ultimate tool
for commercial plumbers and leakage specialists,
as well as water companies and traceand access insurance providers.

F4 p35 Plan 2048 B-white E-Soft RB285 Vs

Efficiency resulting in 


By delivering accurate leak locations - even in plastic

pipes - the number and size of excavations required

to repair a leak are significantly reduced, resulting

in far fewer resources being used. 

Ferret Leak Detector

Our philosophy

At Ferret Technology we are committed to a policy
of ongoing research and development. We combine
this with a commitment to provide unrivalled customer service and after sales support.

F4 p46 NE Iso 2048 B-white E-Soft RB285
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