Ferret Leak Locator M3
User Guide and Specifications


Model: FLL-4.0-A



Ferret Overall Dimensions: Height 54cm, Length 41cm, Width 26cm

Weight (Dry): 16.0kg (35lbs)

Body Material: Aluminium


System Performance:

Pipe ID size range: 10mm to 45mm (3/8" to 1& 3/4")

Survey Distance: 55m (180') from insertion point

Flow Gauge Starting Flow: 0.5 l/hr (0.13 USgal/hr)

Sonde Output: 33 KHz

Working Pressure:

Max. Inlet Pressure: 10 Bar (145 psi)

Max. Outlet Pressure: 5 Bar (72.5 psi)

Min. Working Pressure: 0.5 Bar (7.2 psi)

Max. Ferret Head Pressure: 6 Bar (90 psi)