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Q. What size pipe does the Ferret work in?

A. The Ferret is for use in pipes with internal diameters from 10mm (3/8”) to 45mm (1& 3/4”).

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Q. What pipe material does the Ferret work in?​


A. The Ferret can be used in any pipe with a relatively smooth bore. It will work well          with all types of plastic pipes and metallic pipes such as copper and lead. We do          not recommend the Ferret is used in galvanised iron pipe due to the build up of            internal corrosion often found in this pipe material.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum working pressure?

A. Optimal working pressure is 2Bar (30PSI), however the Leak Locator will operate              effectively between 0.5 to 5Bar (7 to 70PSI).

Q. How small a leak can it find?

A. The Ferret can find a drip! If the water meter is turning the Ferret can find it.

Q. Can it go around bends?

A. The Ferret can easily go around bends where the pipe has been bent round without        the installation of a fitting, it won’t go through 90 degree bend fittings.

Q. How big and heavy is it?

A. The dry weight of the Leak Locator is 10.5kg. The basic system complete with ancillary          equipment and carry case weighs less than 12.5kg.

Q. How far can it go?

A. The Leak Locator is fitted as standard with a 53m umbilical cord that tethers the        Ferret to the main system.

Q. What frequency is the sonde?


A. 33kHz. You will need a 33kHz signal generator and receiver to power and locate the sonde.

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