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Reverse Flow Hose Kit.

How to use the Reverse Flow Hose Kit.

The Reverse Flow Hose Kit is used in conjunction with the Boundary Box Adapter to allow the Ferret Head to travel along the pipe in the opposite direction to the normal flow of water. The internal stop valve (ISV) is removed so that the Ferret can be connected to the leaking
pipe at the point of entry (POE) to the property, eliminating the need
for an excavation.



The Kit comprises of:


  1. Two thirty metre Inlet Extension Hoses

  2. Breather Hose

  3. Non return valve key

To ensure that the Ferret can be inserted into the leaking pipe where it enters the property, first remove the internal stop valve. Next use the Prover to check for 90 degree bends and which size Ferret Head fits the pipe.

Step 1.

Remove the brass plug connector that the Outlet hose connects to from the centre of the Boundary Box Adapter. Fit the NRV key in its place with PTFE tape on the thread and tighten. It is important that the thread does not leak under pressure. 

Step 2.

Connect the Breather Hose to Adapter. The hose should be used to make sure any water pushed out of the pipe is vented onto the pavement so it drains away from the meter box. The valve on the end should be closed to begin with. Connect the yellow inlet hose with built in back flow prevention to the Adapter. The end without the back flow device should be connected to the Adapter.


Step 4.

Remove the meter or plug from the manifold, check that the large “O” ring is correctly located and then screw the Boundarty Box Adapter into the manifold and tighten with a suitable meter fitting key. Use the loop alan key to screw the NRV key down, do not over tighten or you will push the NRV in the manifold out of its housing.

Step 3.

Connect the Inlet Extension Hose to the Inlet Hose and roll out to where you want to connect to the leaking pipe. Make sure the Drive flow is turned off on the Ferret and connect the Inlet Extension
Hose to the Ferret.

Step 5.

Step 6.

Install the Ferret Head and Outlet Hose to the Ferret and connect them
in the usual way to the leaking pipe. For straight forward reassembly
use a fitting that will seal over the olive without it having to be removed.


The Ferret system can now be used in the normal way. Once the Drive pressure is set, open the valve at the end of the Breather Hose.


If working indoors be aware that small amounts of water will vent from the air vent and the Ferret Head deflate outlet as shown here. 

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