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Ferret Leak Locator M2
User Guide and Specifications


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M2 User Guide

Ferret Small Bore Leak Location System

Model: FSB-SYS-02-A



Dimensions (mm): Height 390mm, Length 370mm, Width 245mm

Weight (Dry): 17.2Kg

Body Material: Aluminium LM25TE


System Performance:

Pipe size range: 10mm ID to 45mm ID         

Survey Distance: 50m from point of insertion

Flow Transmitter Range: 0.03 to 25 litres/minute         

Sonde Output: 33 KHz          


Working Pressure:

Max. Inlet Pressure: 10 Bar

Max. Outlet Pressure: 5 Bar

Min. Working Pressure: 0.5 Bar

Max. Ferret Head Pressure: 8 Bar       


Electronic Control Unit:

Battery: 9.6V, 4.0 AH rechargeable NiMH2 cell

Charger: Input range 90 to 264 VAC

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