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No-Dig pipe entry solution launched

Ferret leak locator adapter

An adapter kit has been developed to enable the Ferret Head to be inserted directly into a leaking pipe via 'tail out' type meter boxes such as the Ajusta from Elster, eliminating the need for an excavation. This saves time and money, and reduces disruption to customer's properties. Several adapters are now being operated with Ferret Leak Locators by Severn Trent Water and Welsh Water. In conjuction with the Boundary Box Adapter Kit we have also developed a Reverse Flow Hose Kit. This allows the Ferret to be inserted in to the leaking pipe by removing the stop valve inside the property and sent backwards along the pipe towards the Meter Box. The Reverse Flow Hose Kit includes two 30 metre hoses with quick release couplings, which are used to feed water from the Meter Box to the Ferret inside the property.

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