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Why plumbing and utility companies use Ferret Technology

Ferret leak detector

Pinpointing a leak in a water pipe underground can be a time consuming task when you don’t have the proper tools and equipment. This can also lead to unnecessary digging, as well as a frustrated team and customer. More and more water boards, plumbers and utility companies are opting to switch to the Ferret leak detection system for leak tracing, and here are just some of the reasons why.

Efficient job planning

With a much shorter expected job time, as well as a massive reduction in problem jobs, you can plan time more efficiently. The Ferret allows you to better estimate how long a job will take, providing better job planning in the long run. With fewer leak locating problems, there will be less rescheduling incidents to compensate for lost time. Jobs can be completed on the same day or within hours, which means more jobs can be completed, more can be scheduled and more money can be made. Plus, the Ferret can help you meet CSL Levels, helping you achieve better rankings.

Low costs

The Ferret is powered by the water pressure in the pipe itself, meaning it’s a really cost-effective piece of equipment. Plus, you won’t be digging unnecessary holes so won’t be needing the extra manpower to cart around concrete, tarmac, aggregates and spoil from one place to the next to no avail. With minimal costs to run the leak locator, and the money saved with efficient job planning, water companies notice the difference when it comes to checking the finances.

Ferret controls

Minimal training required The Ferret leak detector is genuinely a simple device to use, and requires minimal training. It operates with an electronic control system that’s built in, and simple push buttons control the pressure in the Ferret Head. A backlit screen provides all the information you need, so no prior knowledge of the underground pipe is required.

Happier customers With quicker jobs and less disruption comes happier customers. You can locate and repair a leak on the same day and within hours, with less interruption to a customer’s property and driveway. Providing a short job and minimising the damage from a leaking pipe, you can ensure that a customer will come back to you time and time again.

For more information on our Ferret device, why not speak to a member of our team? You can call us on 0800 292 2835 or you can fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.

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