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What is a hydraulic leak detector?

Ferret technology

Leaks in underground pipes can be difficult to pinpoint with the overlaying pipe work and ground above them. Both cutting and capping or relaying the whole pipe can be extremely time consuming and delay scheduled jobs, causing an inconvenience for your team and the customer.

Leak detection technologies

There’s no longer any need to do this, with a rise in leak detection technologies. These include pneumatic devices, the gas injection method and microphones however they still do not provide the level of accuracy that most plumbers and water boards require.

Hydraulics for leak detection

The most effective and safe way to detect an underground leak is by using hydraulics. The Ferret leak detection device uses a simple hydraulic process to pinpoint the exact location of a leak, within millimetres.

The Ferret Head is placed into the leaking pipe which then gets filled up with water, and the head inflated. Once the Ferret Head is fully inflated, no water can escape past it. Water pressure in the leaking pipe then causes the balloon-like Ferret Head to slowly move through the pipe towards the leak. When it’s reached the hole in the pipe, the Ferret will stop as the pressure drops.

Ferret leak detection technology

High efficiency

With more accurate leak finding, job times and planning, the hydraulic leak detector will streamline your scheduling and enable you to fit in more jobs in the day. The device is also great for water boards looking to improve their CSL levels, helping them to achieve better rankings and offering a competitive edge over the companies that aren’t yet using Ferret.

Ferret’s hydraulic system is the way forward in detecting leaks quickly and efficiently. If you’d like more information on our leak locator, please call us on 0800 292 2835 or you can fill in our contact form and we will get back to you shortly.

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