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How does Ferret leak locator work?

Ferret leak locator

The Ferret pipe leak detection system is revolutionising the work of engineers, plumbers, and water and utility companies, helping them to locate leaks accurately and quickly. Finding leaks has traditionally been challenging, as they rarely show at the surface, and damaged, leaking pipes can be deep below under driveways, tarmac or paving. Excavating is not in the best interest of the customer or the leak detection company, leaving a mess, taking time and a disgruntled customer.

How does it work?

The Ferret leak locator uses a simple hydraulic process, and is powered by water pressure in the pipe. The four key steps are as follows:

1. A sturdy balloon, or Ferret Head, is connected to the main system by a long cord. Initially deflated, water can get past the balloon and escape through the leak. 2. The Ferret Head is then inflated with water, and when the pressure is more than the leaking pipe, it blocks the pipe so that water can’t reach the leak. 3. Pressure inside the Ferret Head is lowered until the water in the pipe pushes it towards the leak. This happens when the right balance is reached between pressures in the leaking pipe and the Ferret Head. 4. When the Ferret Head passes a leak, some of the water escapes. The pressure drops, so the Head stops moving, thereby locating the leak.

Ferret controls

Easy to operate

Very little training is required, as it’s easy to use with a built in electronic control system. This system monitors pressure and flow sensors, displaying information on a backlit screen. The user controls pressure in the Ferret Head with push buttons. The Ferret is extremely accurate, and won’t give false positives – this means you can be confident that you’ll pinpoint the leak and dig in the right place.

The benefits of using the Ferret leak locator It’s described as the engineering equivalent of keyhole surgery, with leaks located so accurately that only one small excavation is needed. Unlike other methods, it doesn’t rely on leak noise or an understanding of the pipe layout.

Benefits of the Ferret leak locator therefore include: • Low running costs, more accurate budgeting and shorter job times. • Costs, such as excavation and reinstatement, are kept to a minimum. • Improved customer service and minimal impact on the environment.

For more information on the Ferret pipe leak detection system and how it works, give us a call on 0800 2922835, email us or fill in our online contact form and we will get back to you.

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