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How to improve your CSL targets

Hose spraying water

For utility companies and water boards dealing with customer side leakage, it’s important to improve on targets and reduce job times. With more efficient planning, more jobs can be fitted into the day, meaning an improvement to both customer service and your own performance and portfolio within the industry.

Pinpointing CSL

The most effective way to pinpoint CSL is to have the right equipment at your disposal. Owning the relevant tools and devices mean you can find a leak on first site visit, without having to go back and forth, wasting your time and the client’s. With quicker leak locating, you can ensure a job is completed and resolved as quickly as possible, not letting the location of the leak prevent you from fixing it as soon as possible.

Reduce customer disruption With more efficient equipment comes less customer disruption. If you can pinpoint the exact leak location accurately, with no unnecessary digging up of concrete, tarmac and mud sitting above the pipeline, you can pose less of a disturbance to the customer’s garden, drive way and day. With an accurate leak locating device, there will be less chance of digging in the wrong location or digging up a larger amount than necessary.

Ferret equipment including ferret leak locator

Ferret leak locator As a fairly new technology, the Ferret can improve your CSL levels while providing a better service for your customers. Efficient leak detection tools provide a much smoother time on site and is a big step towards eliminating problem jobs that can take up a lot more time than originally expected. Simple and easy to use, the Ferret requires minimal training so you can ensure your whole team know and understand how to us the device to maximise your find and fix a leak force.

For more information on the Ferret, please call us on 0800 292 2835 or you can fill in our online contact form and we will get back to you shortly.

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