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How do I monetise a Ferret Leak Locator?

With any large purchase in the plumbing trade, it’s important to bear in mind your return on investment or ROI. There’s no denying that effective equipment can be expensive but once you calculate how you can monetise your investment, you can work out when you’ll earn your money back from the purchase and when you’re generating profit.

With a Ferret Leak Locator, the investment can easily be returned within a short period of time and can even lead to gaining new clients. The features of the system allow it to be much more accurate than traditional leak detection systems and can save you time and money.

How can a Ferret Leak Locator help my business become more profitable?

Using the Ferret Leak Locator as a marketing tool can help you generate new clients. The Ferret device earns lots of interest – from both plumbers and consumers. Consumers are realising the benefits of a quicker and more efficient leak detection tool, as well as the minimal disruption to their garden and property, meaning minimal clean up after you’ve left. Advertise the Ferret Leak Locator on your website, as well as the advantage it gives your business over competitors, and watch the increase in customers contacting you.

By providing a fast and efficient service to your clients, you can increase the amount of jobs you can fit in during the day. Jobs are completed sooner as it takes mere minutes to find the leak location rather than digging up unnecessary holes in the client’s property.

You can say goodbye to problem jobs where you struggle to find the leak, taking much longer than expected. Tasks like digging or removing different types of materials to get to the pipe before even locating the leak can be costly. The Ferret Leak Locator allows you to better predict job times so you don’t have to worry about running over schedule and being late for the next customer. With better job scheduling and planning, you can maintain your professional appearance to your clients rather than hinder it with unexpected delays. This goes hand in hand with offering a great customer service which will benefit you when someone asks a previous customer of yours where to go for a leak repair service!

ferret head finding the leak

What are the time savings with the Ferret Leak Locator?

The Ferret Leak Locator can be an important part of any plumbing firm or waterboard dealing with CSLs. It’s not only the increased efficiency that can increase your income, but also the time it saves with the leak location accuracy.

Let’s say that the average find and fix job takes 4 hours to complete. If you can save an hour on every repair job with more efficient leak detection tools and with no need to dig up unnecessary and arbitrary holes, you’ll save potentially 2 hours a day. That’s 42 hours a month potential labour cost savings. Times that by 12 and that’s 504 hours saved in the year.

How long until I can earn the money back invested in a Ferret Leak Locator?

The new Ferret Leak Locator costs £3199 to purchase outright. If you’re charging between £200 and £300 per leak repair job, the potential payback period is within 10 repair jobs. Considering up to three years is often considered a good investment, you should have earned your money back from the equipment well before then.

Find out how other companies benefited from the Ferret Leak Locator in our case studies and see if the investment is worth it for your business. If you would like to find out more about Ferret then you can get in touch by calling us on 0800 292 2835 or you can fill in our contact form with your query and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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