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How to eliminate guesswork in leak detection

leaking pipe

Detecting water leaks can prove to be a tough task for plumbers and water utility companies as they can often involve a level of guesswork. This, in turn, increases the possibility of error leading to an increase in costs and further investigative work to pinpoint the exact location.

The extra work involved with leak detection guesswork can take time and may not even lead to the area of the leak. It could mean that whole pipes need to be re-laid, cutting and capping could be carried out. Even using leak locating methods such as acoustic testing can be completely unreliable and inconclusive especially on plastic pipes or a very small leak on small drips, which can cause problems for future jobs planned, especially if it takes time and effort to locate the source of the leak.

Water leaks

Water leaks can cause significant disruptions, especially where leaks are found in public areas but they also cause problems around the home. Having the ability to identify a leak quickly will ensure that you can get to the site and get to work to begin the process of fixing the leak. This gives you greater control over the time it takes to complete jobs enabling you to plan future jobs because of your ability to work to a tighter schedule.

Essentially, this is all about ensuring that your clients are happy and satisfied with your service. If you take too long to identify a leak it can cause distrust and cause tension with your customer relationship, but if you can guarantee that you can have the leak found and fixed in a timely manner, your business will be more competitive.

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What can be done to help?

What can you do to eliminate the problems that come with guessing where a leak is located? Ultimately, identifying the leak comes down to having the right equipment. Reliable equipment can make dealing with leaks a lot easier and more effective. This is because it removes any trace of human error and will identify the leak down to the millimetre.

When customers have a leak, they want it to be found and fixed as quickly as possible to minimise disruption to their property and their time. Leaks can cause damage that can be irreparable and can cost a lot of money to fix if left. This is exactly why choosing to use the Ferret leak locator tool is the best way to work accurately and cost effectively. Using hydraulic technology, this simple device is fitted into the copper, lead or plastic water supply pipe, and will travel through it, stopping when it gets to the leak with millimetre accuracy. This enables you to remove the speculation when it comes to finding the source and complete the job in a shorter space of time.

The Ferret pipe leak detection system is reliable and cost-effective and that benefits both you and your customers. To find out more about our unique products either fill out our contact form or call us on 0800 292 2835.


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