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How to save time and money in leak detection

Water leaks can be one of those problems that people don’t notice until things have got out of control. A little drip or tiny leak can escalate to a burst pipe, a flood in the home or significant damage. But the process of finding a leak can seem time-consuming and expensive to homeowners so they often put it off, hoping that maybe there isn’t a leak. However, with the developments in leak detection equipment available to plumbers and leak detection experts, the job doesn’t need to be a major one. Highlighting the speed with which we can reduce time and money spent on leak detection can be a major benefit and unique selling point to the homeowner.

Finding the leak

One of the biggest problems with leak detection is locating the leak. There are a number of traditional leak detection methods but these are encountering increasing problems and difficulties. For example, many water companies have started swapping metal pipes for plastic ones as they are more durable and easier to work with. But these plastic pipes stop some leak detection methods working such as acoustic and ground microphone systems as they rely on hearing the sound differences in the pipe. This doesn’t work in plastic pipes. By adapting to newer detection technologies, such as the Ferret Leak Locator, you can ensure that the leak is found much faster and with fewer obstacles.

Reduced disruption

By finding the leak in a less disruptive way, without the need for excessive cutting and capping and hole digging, you can save time on the overall tidy up of the property. With the Ferret Leak Locator, there is a reduced chance of being unable to locate the exact leak location and having to rearrange the job for another day with an additional plumber, which incurs extra cost too. One effective leak detection tool can dramatically improve your job speeds, allowing you to fit more jobs in the day so you don’t need to account for any problem jobs that take up a lot more time than expected or rearrange your schedule. Tell your customers about your efficiency with high-tech tools and you’ll find word of mouth can help increase your plumbing leads; it’s a worthwhile investment to increase your competitiveness.

Dealing with the leak

Once the leak location is identified, you only need to dig the area directly surrounding the leak, again reducing the disruption to the customer’s property and their day. With reduced number and size of excavations throughout the whole leak detection job, you can save hours of work on site and complete the task with fewer resources and manpower. Dealing with a leak can always vary depending on the location, but be equipped with the Ferret leak locator to make finding a leak a quick task so you can get ahead with fixing the issue. The efficiency of dealing with leaks with the Ferret Leak Locator shows professionalism and the modern equipment can improve customer satisfaction overall. Advertise to your customers how you save time and money in leak detection and you’ll find more business coming your way.

If you are interested in how our leak detection system works and would like to speak to one of our advisors, then you can call us on 0800 292 2835. We’re happy to answer questions to help you realise the investment into a Ferret leak locator. You can also ask us a question by filling in our online contact form and we will get back to you shortly.


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