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The New Ferret Leak Locator…coming very soon!

We’re excited to announce a new and improved line of the Ferret leak locator will be coming your way very soon! This model is cheaper, will perform better and be just as efficient so you can locate leaks with even more ease. We’ve had international interest for this one so we’re excited to share the new specifications with you.

How does it differ from the previous system?

The new system has been adapted to make finding and fixing leaks simpler still. It will be much more affordable (approximately half the price of the previous system), much lighter to move around and manual operation makes it more user-friendly. There is an automatic air release to save on preparation time before use and it’s self-serviceable, with replaceable parts available to purchase from the website, so you can repair parts as you see fit.

When and how can we buy one?

There will be a ‘one time only’ opportunity to purchase a Ferret Leak Locator at a discounted price for the first 25 sold and paid for through the website. After these have been sold, the price will return to the original retail value. To ensure you’re notified of the release date so you can purchase at this discounted rate, please visit our website and join our mailing list to receive our news and offers.

What’s included in the package?

The Ferret Leak Locator Connection hoses (Inlet & Outlet) Universal Coupler Kit - 15mm (3/8") to 35mm (1&1/2") Manual/Access to an E-Manual Pack of 3 Ferret Heads - One each of size 1,2 and 3 (size 0 and 4 available to purchase separately) Carry Bag (to easily store and transport Ferret Leak Locator and equipment)

You can purchase size 0 & 4 heads, Boundary Box Adapter and Reverse Flow Hose Kit separately from the website.

How soon will it arrive?

We are currently looking at a 3 - 4 week lead time from when the order is placed before you can get your hands on the Ferret Leak Locator.

When will it be available to purchase?

We are in the final testing stages of the Ferret Leak Locator and we look to release it to purchase in the next 4-8 weeks.

Will I still be able to purchase the existing model of Ferret?

No, unfortunately you won’t be able to purchase the existing model of the Ferret. We will be discontinuing the current model to pave the way for our new and improved line.

Will I still be able to buy parts for the existing Ferret?

Yes. We will still stock parts for the existing Ferret and provide training should it be required.

To make sure you know about the Ferret release date and be in the chance of a special discounted rate, sign up to our email newsletter here.. Or alternatively, get in touch with us by calling us on 0800 292 2835 or fill in our contact form here.


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