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Why the Ferret Leak Locator is more efficient than other forms of leak detection

Leak detection is a crucial service that is required by both homes and businesses when they think that the water pipes to or within the property might have a leak. Over the years, various systems have been created to help detect those leaks with varying success. Now, a new addition to the industry, the Ferret Leak Locator, is proving more efficient than other forms of leak detection.

Traditional leak detector methods

There are several methods that have been used to find leaks. Some of them, such as ground microphones and leak noise correlation, rely on the sound changes that take place in a pipe when there is a leak. The biggest problem with these systems is that they aren’t brilliant at finding those small leaks. Also, there can be problems if the pipes aren’t made of metal – a growing area as plastic pipes become more reliable and robust.

Acoustic leak detector methods are similar in that they rely on sound to find the leak. The sound emitted from a leak is different from the normal flow of water and acoustic leak detectors use this method to find the location. One of the biggest problems with this system can be the material of the pipe – plastic pipes, for example, don’t work well with acoustics as the sound doesn’t change.

Tracer gas is another way to find a leak. Usually a mix of nitrogen and hydrogen, this harmless gas is injected into the pipe. The molecules of gas escape through the leak and then can be detected by very sensitive sensors to find the location. But again, small leaks can be difficult to trace as the amount of gas to escape can be very small.

Enter The Ferret Leak Locator

These limitations and problems are behind the creation of the newest type of leak detection – the Ferret. This is a system that combines the best of different concepts to create a unique hydraulics leak detection system. The Ferret Head features a balloon and is placed inside the pipe. The balloon inflates, blocking the pipe and stopping the flow of water.

The Ferret moves along the pipe. Because the balloon has stopped the flow of water, pressure builds up behind it to push it along the pipe. When it reaches the leak, this pressurized water bursts out of the leak causing the Ferret Head to stop moving. Because the Ferret Head also has a tracer attached to it, the operator can measure the distance of where the Ferret Head is located and therefore where the leak is.

Clever leak detection

Perhaps the best thing about the Ferret system is the flexibility of it. It can work in almost any type of pipe that is found on water supply pipes around businesses and homes as it comes with different sized heads to match the pipe inside diameter. It doesn’t require excavation to start working in most cases so there is no expensive preliminary work needed before the leak is found. Most importantly, the Ferret Leak Locator can work in any type of pipe including plastic with the same results. And it can detect even the smallest leak because the pressurised water can escape through the tiniest hole.

If you would like to know more about the Ferret Leak Detector or would like to speak to an expert, you can get in touch with us by calling us on 0800 292 2835, or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.


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