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Ferret Heads

ferret heads

There are two types of Ferret Head that are designed to be used at different working pressures. White coloured Heads are for working at less than 20mH2O / 2 Bar / 30psi. Yellow Heads are for working at higher pressures. The Ferret Leak Location System is for use in pipes with internal diameters from 10mm (3/8”) to 45mm (1 3/4”). There are five different size Ferret Heads for this range of pipes. The table shows the dimensions of the Ferret Heads and the recommended pipe diameters that they should be used in.

ferret heads
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When selecting the correct size Ferret Head consider the following:


  • The less a Ferret Head is inflated the lower the chance of it bursting. Always use the biggest Head possible.


  • Allow for liners/inserts in joints and fittings, which will have a smaller internal diameter than the pipe.

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