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Operating Guide

How to operate your Ferret Leak Location system. Step by step instructions with video guides and tips to help you locate leaks quickly and efficiently. Click on the stage you are interested in to go to that clip.

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1. Setting up the Ferret

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2. Locating the leak

3. Tracing the pipe and locating the Sonde






Always read the User Manual before operating the Ferret for the first time.


Always observe all warnings and instructions marked on the Ferret.


Always advise anyone supplied by the leaking pipe not to use any water for drinking or cooking during the leak location and repair process.


Always use approved disinfectant solution to clean the Ferret Head and Sonde prior to inserting them in to the leaking pipe.


Always store the Ferret with the Protective Cap fitted to the Head Connector to prevent the water draining out of the Umbilical Cord.


Always fit the rubber protective cap back in to the charging socket once recharging is complete.


Always keep the threaded connections in the back of the Ferret Heads clean and free of dirt or grit to prevent damage occurring to the Head Connector thread.






Never leave the Ferret in a location for a prolonged period where it might freeze. Frost damage could cause serious damage to the wetted internal components.


Never power wash or submerge the Ferret. The Ferret is splash and rain proof but should not be submerged or blasted with high pressure water jets.


Never over bend the Outlet Hose as it is fitted with a Teflon liner that might kink. A kink in the liner will cause friction against the Umbilical Cord that will affect performance.


Never push the Umbilical Cord into the Ferret. To prevent the Umbilical Cord becoming tangled up inside the Ferret always use the Winder Handle to rewind the Ferret Head.


Never use the Ferret in drains or waste water pipes. The Ferret is only for use in drinking water pipes.


Never use lubricants or sealants on any part of the Ferret or ancillary equipment that are not approved for use with drinking water.


Never replace any parts in the Ferret or the ancillary equipment with items that have not been approved by Ferret Technology Ltd or their approved Distributors and Agents.

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Do's and Don'ts

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